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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Snowy Winter Wonderland

Welcome to our snowy winter wonderland in Minnesota!
Streets are clear now and walking on the sidewalks is fairly safe!  The ice just limits my walking our dog, Ladie, which is not good for either of us!  TEE HEE!!

Seems that all my listed "followers" disappeared!  OH YIKES!!  If possible PLEASE sign up again to stay in touch with me.  No idea what happened out there in the blogosphere to do that to my followers!

My days are kept BUSY with work and in the making of Christmas gifts.  Since it wouldn't be wise for me to show what I'm making at this time I will have to offer other creative endeavors.    With the weekend coming I am eager to begin baking some sweet treats for Christmas visitors.  OH YUM!!!  My mother and I want to make divinity together.  Memories from my childhood of biting into the soft sweet delectable clouds spur me on!

Knowing everyone has a  busy agenda at this time of year be sure to take good care of yourselves and stay SWEET!!
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