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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Irish Linen Beaded Bracelets(2) & Leather and Bead Ladder Bracelet

What fun I am having while creating these beaded bracelets using waxed Irish linen!  This first one has 8* beads on the outside of the burnt orange linen center.  It will have a length to encircle my wrist three times.  You can find an excellent tutorial by Andrea at Beadaholique here:

This blue Irish linen single strand tutorial is from Beadholique also.  It is awaiting my choice of a vintage button for the closure.  This bracelet twines three times around my wrist also.  I used the same size 8* beads.

The following Crystazzi gold glass pearl & brown leather ladder-style bracelet tutorial is from Kelly at Auntie's Beads.  I added a vintage button from my stash of collected lovelies!

Hopefully this inspires those of you who enjoy beading and want to try these techniques!
It's SO GOOD to be creating!!!!

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  1. Sandie,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! What a fun surprise to hear from you on there. I hope you'll be following me! I started it to keep in touch with our Hob Nobber customers...
    I read some of your posts here and love the photos of your home! I'll be following along! :) I love the beading you did on this post also. You're multi-talented!