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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A heart that is grateful.......

Hello, my friends!
Bonnie Gray at Faith Barista ( has such encouraging words for us at this time.  Remembering to give THANKS to God, our family, friends and even someone you don't know for their smile, listening ear or just a simple "hello" can make such a positive difference in our daily lives.  What fun it is to see when that person responds, yet that isn't necessary if we are willing to just give without expecting something in return!

How grateful I am that many of our family are getting together on Thanksgiving Day for our tasty meal and fun fellowship at my childhood home!  I am SO ready to share the time together with the grownups and children alike!
Blessings of joy and gratefulness fill my heart for each person that touches my life!
May your THANKSGIVING be filled with love and the gift grace overflowing.

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