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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gift of Handmade Tags From Marcia!

While still in my "soft" neck brace, due to the cervical spinal fusion surgery in April 2012, and with blurry vision and unable to use my hands creatively I received TWO lovely sets of hand-stamped distressed tags from Marcia of!!!  What a sweet blessing and a generous gift!!  Even my sweet feline friend, Fauna, was next to me to share in the delight!!
( Most likely she would like to be playing with the strings!  TEE HEE!!!)

Once again my heart is soooo very grateful for each and every prayer that continues to help me through this prolonged time of healing!  I'm usually an enthusiastic and creative person so this slow pace is a bit difficult to deal with.....BUT God has been using the time to let me know that He is ALWAYS with me and KNOWS what I am going through!!

How treasured are the visitation times of friends!

As of TODAY the surgeon gave permission to remove the neck brace for short periods throughout the day when I am being fairly still.  OH YAYA!!!  Now, hopefully, I can look down a little more and see clearly to work on some paper crafting projects that I long for!!   That's an answer to prayers!!  The first fusion area is beginning to show signs of fusing together as needed ~ TWO more to go!!  My job is still on hold until this happens.  Some of the "blue" in my heart is seeing bits of SUNSHINE!  

MANY "THANK YOUS!!" again, Marcia, for your generous thoughtfulness in brightening my days!
Sweet bouquets of hugs.............~Sandie

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  1. Oh Sandie, now you've really done it, I am crying like a baby. Tears of joy are always good though. It is beyond my ability to put that beautiful smile on your face. I know the Perfect Love and Hope that holds all the glory. When I think of how our beautiful Savior demonstrates His love through His flawed and imperfect children, my heart floods with love. He takes the simplest of things and turns them into extravagance. His love is extravagant indeed.
    So happy to hear that you are making progress with your recovery and that before long you'll be back at your art. YAY!!! Also happy to hear Fauna enjoyed those strings. :)
    Thanks for stopping by, keep me posted. I've added your blog to my sidebar to not miss a thing.

  2. Oh, Sandi, I didn't know you were going through this difficult time with your health. I'm so sorry to hear that. Praying for a speedy recovery for you.
    Blessings! Sandy