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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Alive and Getting Better!!!

As you can see these photos aren't of my "best side"!!  TEE HEE!!  Due to the 3-level cervical spinal fusion surgery  of 3 weeks ago my neck is in this very stiff brace!

Once home, after being admitted to the hospital twice due to having a very severe reaction to the anesthesia/narcotics, the living room sofa become my abode for the first 2 and a half weeks.  These photos were taken after that time as I felt ever so dreadful those first few weeks!
After my first early dismissal from the hospital, Diane -a retired nurse and  God's precious angel of mercy, came to spend time with me as I was to have care 24/7 for my first week at home. Danger of choking is very real as the surgery is performed through an anterior(front) four inch incision close to the base of my neck.  During surgery the esophagus, trachea and aorta get clamped to one side, so the spinal discs can be replace by cadaver bone and the titanium plate adhered to the 4 vertebrae with 8 screws,  thus usually causing this area to suffer some trauma at this time.
 When Diane arrived she realized that I was near dehydration due to not being able to keep ANYTHING in my stomach and having the dry heaves.  I hadn't eaten in 5 days.
Diane drove me to the ER and expertly guided my way to get immediate help.  She and the many nurses helped me to hang on as I truly just wanted to leave my body.  I hurt everywhere!  
This following photo shows how much better I felt after getting to bathe and have my hair washed!  Sweet relief.  My husband, sons and daughter(-in-law ) helped me to have my laptop and necessary supplies nearby.  I felt so wrapped up in love from the quilt I snuggled in that was made by a DEAR DEAR friend last Christmas.  
Gifts of flowers and plants added much to brighten the room and my heart!
 "Dear to the heart" well wishing cards brightened my spirits.  Oh, how I have learned that I must give in return to others who are hurting.  
 My loving husband provided the roses of many colors!

Ladie, my sweet companion chocolate Lab was longing for us to go out for our daily walks.
Yet she patiently watched the world go by through the glass storm door for several days UNTIL Amy, a sweet animal-loving neighbor came to her rescue, by offering daily walks.

How amazing our God is in providing for our smallest to the greatest of needs at just the right time.
Two days ago my whole being felt so BLUE!  Seemed that there was nothing I was capable of doing other than taking short walks or sleeping. (I'm ever so grateful to have my faithful friend, JAM, that would get me out for a daily walk and companionship!)  This feeling was ever so contrary to my way of living!  Even God's heartfelt Word just seemed empty.  Does that ever happen to any of you??
Yesterday, on a warmer sunny day, my sweet daughter(in-law) and my 6 week old grandson surprised me with time at a local garden nursery.   Traveling by car is uncomfortable, but the trip was short, so we enjoyed all the BEAUTIFUL colors and textures of plant life and garden embellishments.
That helped so much as gardening is another one of my passions.
Today my friend, Mary Ellen shared laughter and tears with me as we visited over the yummy ginger laced, lemon iced cookies she shared with Wayne and me.  VERY HARD to resist the temptation of eating Wayne's portion!!!  HEE HEE!!  I'll be a good girl!!

This song comes to mind as I write....
"Count your blessings, name them one by one.
Count your blessings, see what God has done!

Here's the link with music.....
Count your blessings

Well, my friends, this has taken some time for me to write so I will close for now to rest and refresh for a new day ahead and have time with my husband.
Sweet evening blessings................~Sandie

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