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Saturday, September 15, 2012

My First Canvas Collage/Jeanne Oliver's 2012 E-course

WOW!!  It is completed!  This my first ever canvas collage.  It was to be an altered journal according to our class schedule, but I used the Never Dull technique on a magazine image to make this collaged figure.  The inspiration and encouragement came from Jeanne Oliver's CREATIVELY MADE online e-course (which was so generously gifted to me by Carol Spinski).

This creation is an expression of my being...

(Click on photos to enlarge)

Through this course I have learned to take time to think on who I am.  God created each one of us as unique individuals with special gifts that we are to put to use!!
Thinking over my life thus far I have had fun thinking on the gifts God has given ME.  It has been instilled within me to love others.  Much joy comes from sharing time with those I love.  It is such a rich  pleasure to be loved in return.  Children hold a special "key" to my heart as well as the pets that enrich my this time our sweet canine companion - Ladie, and two felines - Fauna and Sable, and my
flock of doted-upon chickens.
In March of this past year my life was blessed with the addition of my first grandbaby!  Oh what joy he brings to the moments that I share with him.  It's an added blessing that I get to spend more time with his mama and papa too!
My two sons and their ladies are such a joy to share time with.

In the following photo I wanted you to see that I added just a bit of wire and beads to adorn the top side.
Decorative staples are used to attach the wire.
 The woman symbolizes me and the owl is representative of all that I love.   One can nurture, but we must be prepared to let it have wings.

In this corner I added a pieced layer of paper with "I Love You,  Remembering these special moments with you".  The #52 is representative of the year I came to be on this earthly journey.

To NURTURE and love, whether it be people
 in my life, animals, gardening, creating,
 bringing heartfelt warmth to our home 
and/or just plain LIVING!
  How grateful I am for my life and who I am!!
  "Abide With Me" is a hymn that my heart sings.

Liquitex Modeling Paste and a round tissue paper cardboard roll were used to add texture to this area as I recall "bumps" and other difficult times in my life.   We all have them, even though we experience different circumstances.

These "keys" and the words, You have the keys to my heart",  remind me that I am not alone.  God has the MAIN KEY to my heart and others hold their very own "key" with the laughter, tears, joys and sorrows that get shared in our everyday living.

On the lower right edge I added the stamped date for when I completed my canvas collage.
It has been so energizing to be creating in my "Creative Haven"
while working on this project, so I stamped those words
as a reminder!

What a delightful learning experience this has been!  THANK YOU, Jeanne, for your thoughtfulness and the inspiration shared, and a special thank you to Carol Spinski at Raised In Cotton ~ ~ for gifting me with this opportunity to learn something so new and exciting!!

Sweet Autumn blessings to each of you reading this note!



  1. Love it!!


  2. Beautiful collage! That course sounds like a lot of fun! How nice that you were able to win it!
    sandy ;)