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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Mid-Winter DREAMS.....

Mid-Winter Dreams....
OH MY!  With all the slick ice that covers our sidewalks, driveways and streets do you think the days of sweet breezes wafting through open windows, colorful blooms overflowing their pots and garden plots, and freshly laundered linens gently drying on the line will return soon enough???
How wonderful that each new day is gaining in daylight and we can look forward to SPRING in a couple months time!!  One must remain HOPE-FULL!  I, for one, know that I will appreciate the warmer days and having the freedom to walk on sidewalks clear of ice most passionately!

Early Summer 2012 view from my kitchen window.

This time spent indoors is wonderful for me as I am now taking another online tutorial from
 Christy Tomlinson and Junelle Jacobson called...
What FUN I'm having as I take the time to sketch,  color and journal as I go along my way each day!

Be sure to let your sweetness shine as VALENTINE DAY is soon here!
With care and joy......~Sandie

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